Business Consultation

Research Consultation

We consult students, Bachelor's degree students, PhD students, healthcare practitioners and researchers on their LITERATURE REVIEW. We offer TWO different consulting sessions. First, we can write the Literature review for the client or 

Secondly, we can consult them on writing their own respective literature review by teaching them Paraphrasing, In-Text Citation and References. 

We understand the fear of plagiarism in writing Lit Review, we are here to help you. Send us your Topic, and Articles and we will assist you. 

Literature Writing

We have our top researcher who is an expert in LITERATURE WRITING. We advise that you send us a database of your articles and your first draft.


Please Note: We will not conduct the actual search of articles for you. 

  • We will review and edit your first draft of Literature Review.

  • We will write the Literature Review for you. 

  • We will provide the proper APA style of In-Text Citation and References in your Literature Review. 

Research Consulting

We offer both ONLINE and PHYSICAL consultation to people who are having difficulties with the their literature review writing either for their Thesis paper or to submit to a journal. Book an appointment with us and we will reach out to you. 

Potential Clients: 

Students enrolled in a program who are currently writing their Thesis Paper


Healthcare Practitioners/providers who are writing a research paper based on their profession. 

What To Expect: 

Our consultation is a week to 3 months course that we offer to people to teach them proper paraphrasing, proper in-text citation and referencing. 


  • Recommend database

  • Offer handouts with the APA referencing style. 

  • Review and monitor your search strategy and suggest improvements. 

  • Teach you ways to identify search terms and use keywords. 

  • Give advise on your documentation process for referencing purpose. 

  • Teach you how to save your searched articles using Mendeley. 

  • Teach you the APA style for In-Text Citation and Referencing. 

We Will Not......

Conduct your search for your.


"We are open to working with Colleges and Universities in providing a semester's class on Research Consultation".